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means that

this is the continuation of my previous blog "It's time 4 dAn"

I will continue with my mix of poetry + photography. Enjoy your read!

BrennerO: Refugees welcome!

::ON STAGE:: Posted on 2016-06-29 19:05

I have read in no man’s land.

I’ve read on the Brenner Pass. During a manifestation for open borders and open hearts for all people who are forced to flee.

I’ve read texts against borders and discrimination while I felt the eyes of the states in my back.

But when I looked up from my words – black ink on white paper – I saw colorful people and a green hill under a blue sky.

I felt wonderful to be part of this message of hope and peace and unity against the violence, hate and authoritarianism that spreads like a cancer. We spread love and art instead.

For pictures of the event click here.

Reading in Zürich

::ON STAGE:: Posted on 2015-02-05 00:49

I feel lucky.

I had been invited to read in the Artist’s Panel of the Images of Identity conference in Zürich. For a title of my picture-poetry combination I chose “Images for the I”.

The reading took place on Saturday, 31st January 2015 in the Aula of the University Zürich.

That means that I read in an aula where Winston Churchill once spoke to the European youth about the United States of Europe rising from the ashes of WWII (“Therefore I say to you let Europe arise”). So much for a historic place.

Not a bad place for my first reading of English-poems-only, wouldn’t you agree?

I read, among others, my old favourite: “Blue yet defining“.

And I read unpublished new ones like “Pictures of past masques”, whose beginning I’d like to cite here, followed by a photo of the projected picture that goes with it:

Pictures of past masques

Observing former masks

standing there smiling

at you

from photographic paper

aging with pride

Sooner or later we have to ask ourselves

if this really is the same two-letter persona

m e = me?


is this merely a manifest of a moment

a pamphlet for a whole life

a banner on the climax

a looming goodbye

a sad farewell

to youth

to good times

to life



I feel lucky and thankful. This life is full of presents. We may accept ours.


::ON STAGE:: Posted on 2014-03-15 04:16

Still on show today and tomorrow. Both parts of the Solo exhibition by Märta Mattsson and Tanel Veenre at 84GHz and Kunstgießerei München.

I am happy to collaborate in the part that is shown in the former beer cellar at Georgenstraße 84.
To perceive that the communication between doves on rose quartz, seahorses and music in the air as well as poems on the walls goes beyond every single part reflecting on palindromes leaves me with a smile.

The opportunity to reflect on palindromes is a good one, not to be missed. Seriously. Think about how much that we perceive as opposed and completely different can also be perceived as your very precise Other, reflecting your ways just the same as you reflect that apparently oppositon.

I leave you with a few lines from my poem “Questions from both sides of the mark”


And then imagine a tale of the heart
where your birth and death smile
at each other in recognition

Would you see
the similitude of the detail or
the difference of the whole ?



::ON STAGE:: Posted on 2014-03-07 14:53

Next Thursday
in Munich’s former art-quarter Schwabing
at 84GHz (Georgenstraße 84)
from 7pm:

an exhibition by Märta Mattsson & Tanel Veenre
with music by Lauri-Dag Tüür and poetry by myself.

My part is in English in case you wonder. And yes, all but one poem were written for the event. They are inspired by the thematic backdrop: palindromes. By the palindrome NEVER ODD OR EVEN that titles the exhibition and also and especially by some glimpses at photographic depictions of two of the splendid art-works we will see and which you can preconceive here.

I will show my poems and read them live and hopefully with not too much of a local or global accent 😉

[for this picture in large: click here]

The opening night of the exhibition will conclude with the Current Obsession Party.

See you there or read you later.

Have a wonderful day,

I go now and enjoy the spring sun.