Still on show today and tomorrow. Both parts of the Solo exhibition by Märta Mattsson and Tanel Veenre at 84GHz and Kunstgießerei München.

I am happy to collaborate in the part that is shown in the former beer cellar at Georgenstraße 84.
To perceive that the communication between doves on rose quartz, seahorses and music in the air as well as poems on the walls goes beyond every single part reflecting on palindromes leaves me with a smile.

The opportunity to reflect on palindromes is a good one, not to be missed. Seriously. Think about how much that we perceive as opposed and completely different can also be perceived as your very precise Other, reflecting your ways just the same as you reflect that apparently oppositon.

I leave you with a few lines from my poem “Questions from both sides of the mark”


And then imagine a tale of the heart
where your birth and death smile
at each other in recognition

Would you see
the similitude of the detail or
the difference of the whole ?