This is no entry on Hemingway’s novel with the same title. A book you could read if you have time at hand and want to read yourself into a white hunter’s perspective on the African Savannah. I liked it a lot, some twenty years ago.

But this is a text-photography combination on an early September morning in central Europe.

It is all about a flower on a balcony shortly before sunrise.

I woke up to the most beautiful light
and for some reason I was not tired enough
to just enjoy it
had to grab the camera change the lens
and frame it
for you to enjoy it

So here I am
naked inside and outside
slightly trembling
and trying to focus

while rags of past masques
are undulating in the morning
breeze above my head
shreds among shreds
of dreams

communicating with the rising
slowly changing
the face of this part of our
until she comes
in full force
and redder than red
bringing her love
light and
we need

true at first light
you bloom into my night
mare of mellow colors
up for the bright that now follows

Daniel Graziadei 03 September 2019