Istanbul Karada now Medina

The architects of horror

are pounding hatred

without mercy

onto the playing

and the praying

people of peace

ful preparations of celebrations

of charity and happiness

While people of peace prepare

their houses and their hearts

for the breaking

of their fast

mass murderers try to break

them fast and furiously

I read death-counts and latest news helplessly

like back in 2003

I turn

and breathe and ground myself and open up

and then I pray

May the children and their parents, may all the women and all the men rest in peace.

May all victims of terror and hatred and fear rest in peace. May the survivors find peace in their hearts.

May we overcome all divisive ideologies of hate and greed with new acts of kindness and peace.

May we allow ourselves

to turn from reaction to action

allow ourselves to overstand

allow ourselves to overcome

in love and peace